24 Sep 2008

Grandfathered Stupidity

Imperial Irrigation District -- not known for "excellence in water management" -- has managed to set a new record in dumb ideas:
New businesses are feeling a pinch as the Imperial Irrigation District deals with a water supply-demand imbalance — namely that there isn’t any water for them.

While reviewing applications for new businesses, Andy Horne, county deputy CEO for natural resources development, said the county looks closely at whether it can provide enough water before approving new businesses.

But, under the IID’s proposed water regulation guidelines, businesses’ water usage will be determined based on past usage — something new businesses don’t have.
Farmers use 96 percent of IID's water. They are allowed to trade it among themselves, but businesses are fined if they use more than "their share."

Bottom Line: End the misery. Implement a real market for water at IID.