14 Sep 2008

Feedback Loops

The Economist reports on current green home technology, and I thought this bit was interesting:
Once the house is sealed, producing its own power and using it efficiently, its inhabitants become the weak link. Lucid Design Group, a software company in Oakland, California, is trying to fix that. It has developed a web-based dashboard that uses the data from building-management systems to plot real-time electricity, water and gas usage. Simply visualising energy use this way can prompt homeowners to reduce their usage, says Joe Gotshall, a manager at the company. Lucid’s dashboard was first used to pit groups of university students against one another in green dormitories at Oberlin College in Ohio. Mr Gotshall says the competition reduced energy consumption by 55%.
Bottom Line: People need information before they can make decisions. After they make decisions, they need to see results. That's how you learn.

1 comment:

  1. Amen to that. Reminds me of when I test drove a co-workers Prius. It was a real eye opener to see your fuel economy in real time!



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