29 Sep 2008

Delta Debates

The California State Grange will hold a Water Symposium on the California Delta at 1:30pm on October 15. The Symposium will be held as part of the annual State Grange convention taking place in Sacramento at the Holiday Inn North, 5321 Date Avenue.

Speakers come from various groups (except enviros). It's not clear if admission is free, but the Grange invites everyone to attend. Call (916) 454-5805 for information.

hattip to DS

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  1. Good afternoon -
    I'd like to add some information to your blog on the upcoming California State Grange Delta Symposium. The syposium is free.
    For a complete press release, please visit: www.csgpressroom.org
    We do have representation on the panel from at least one "environ":
    Zeke Grader, of the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen. I believe you may also find our Committee Chairman Dave Lewis and Lecturer Buzz Chernoff are concerned about the environmental impacts. If I can be of assistance, please call me at (916) 454-5805. Hope to see you at the symposium.
    Bob McFarland, Public Relations
    California State Grange


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