16 Sep 2008

Delta Death, Part 2

Lund and Howitt, two authors on the recent PPIC report recommending a Peripheral Canal, explain how Delta farmers are not going to get their subsidies way any more:
"For those delta landowners where the policy has been historically to help them--they would be losers. But I don't see any way they are not going to be losers, so the state policy should be that we all quit losing."


"We wanted to put a lot of work into what really amounts to a triage list--and say which islands, if they collapse, we say, 'Sorry about that,' but you don't repair them or pump them. You adjust to a new ecology."
Bottom Line: Those spending OPM (Other People's Money) have a great time, but they should not be surprised when the party ends.


  1. Specifically which Delta Farmer Subsidies?

    Most levies are supported by reclamation districts - 100% paid for by landowners.

    Some other levies are subsidized because of transportation rights of way, etc.. (like Railroads) and more key is the subsidy of State Water Project (SWP)for the Southern part of state.

    Instead stop the subsidy for State Water. When that floats up to it's true cost the users can decide whether to conserve, reclaim, or use desal which will be more competitive!

  2. State Water Project water is NOT subsidized (Central Valley Project water IS), and the Delta is subsidized when the State steps in to repair breaches, e.g., 2004 Jones Tract.


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