26 Sep 2008

California's Drought Will Continue

I just saw this report:
The National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center's... charts show that, from Southern California to Central California, the drought will persist or intensify. In Northern California, the drought will persist but could ease slightly.
Maybe they were paying attention to our poll that wrapped up the same day, a poll in which 70% of respondents said California would have a dry winter

On a related note, read about permanent drought here, which reminds me of that wise saying, "nobody ever says the Sahara is in drought."

Bottom Line: Aguanomics readers are SO SMART -- they can either predict the weather or read newspaper articles before I do :)

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  1. Let's see, in California, growing alfalfa uses 4 million to 5.5 million acre feet of water a year. The entire city of Los Angeles uses only about 650,000 acre feet. Agriculture uses four times more water than urban areas. The California gross domestic product for agriculture is $15 billion; for urban-based manufacturing, it's $172 billion. So, when we talk about water conservation, let's start the conversation with California's biggest water user -- agriculture.


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