12 Aug 2008

Water for America

The Bureau of Reclamation's Water for America program has about $32 million to spend on research aimed at "securing water resources for future generations and coping with 21st Century water challenges, including decreasing water supplies caused by potential climate change and population growth."

You can, btw, leave comments on the plan, and there appears to be only two comments(!)

Although the call for proposals [PDF] is only 20 pages long, it's terribly hard to understand. Caution! Bureaucrats at Work!

Although I am not hopeful about the amount of economic research that will come out of the WFA program (the Bureau is not famous for its economics), I am hopeful that I can get challenge grant funding to study "Water Marketing and Efficiency." If you are from an eligible organization,* feel free to contact me! :)

Bottom Line: Reclamation will spend $32 million on water stuff. I hope that it gets some useful results!

* "Irrigation districts, water districts, federally recognized tribal water authorities, and other governmental entities created under State law with water delivery authority in the 17 Western States and the U.S. Territories"

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