20 Aug 2008

How Good IS Your Tap Water?

Many people who drink bottled water are worried about the quality of their tap water.

Many people blast them for being naive -- saying that tap water is much safer because it's subject to more regulations on quality than bottled water. They even point out the ironic cases where bottled water from municipal sources was more dangerous than the original sources (e.g., Dasani in the UK).

But "I knew a guy" arguments do not cut the mustard for people worried about what they are drinking -- and does not address the main problem -- we don't really know what's in the water we get out of the tap OR the bottle.

Does anyone see the profitable idea here? Home water testing kits that look for 20-100 "yucky" things in a water sample. The key feature is that consumers can test THEIR water in THEIR house (or their bottled water from Costco).

If the test says the water's good, no need to buy filters, bottled water, etc.

If the test says it's bad, time to complain to the water supplier. (The supplier MAY try to push the incident back to "house plumbing," but additional tests would make it easy to lay responsibility.)

I bet that any company could sell about five million test kits that cost under $20 and took less than an hour to give results.

Can anyone recommend water testing kits (or testing programs run by local water suppliers)?

Bottom Line: It's better to argue with facts at hand, not opinions from thin air.

Addendum: Only 90 percent of tap water exceeds standards and all kinds of info on tap water. (Posts from left and right, nice.)