14 Aug 2008

Higher Prices Work!

Orange County landlords, facing rate hikes of 10-15 percent, are starting to charge apartment dwellers for water use.
We have a 160-unit apartment building which in two hours is going to use the same amount as a single family residence does in one month,
Apparently, someone saw the results from the poll from two weeks ago, in which 35% of respondents said their water was "free -- I don't pay for it." :)

Because most apartment building only have one meter, tenants are charged "their share" [per person] of the master water bill.

Tenants who take long showers are going to get subsidized by those who flush every 2-3 days. This free-rider problem will probably be addressed by group action, e.g., all units should have (pay for?) high-efficiency water fixtures.

"Low flush party," anyone?

Bottom Line: This is great -- people will now start to understand how much their water costs.

OTOH, Albuquerque water managers still deny that higher prices will lower demand.


  1. Would not the apartment renters demand water meters also?

  2. Sure -- but they may have to pay for them. (The manager can charge them for water and use the per capita formula to figure the bills, so tenants would have to pay for a change.)


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