14 Aug 2008

Fake Grass

San Diego County Water Authority has reinstated incentives to replace grass with artificial turf after concluding that fake turf does not contain dangeous amounts of lead.

Just to the north, residents are fighting city ordinances banning fake grass ("ugly") that contradict county incentives to install it. (Sacramento deja vu?) Seems like some people have got to talk to some other people.

Bottom Line: Can the central planners who got most of SoCal into this mess (sprawl, zoning, etc.) please just chill! Raise prices and let people figure out how to save water. It's hard enough figuring out how to run our lives without a bunch of professional busybodies using our tax money to tell us what kind of grass to plant (or glue)!

ps: More planner nonsense, as citizens try to re-write zoning laws to "fight traffic." Simple solution: Don't write regulations -- raise prices, e.g., congestion charges. (Congestion charges on the Golden Gate were just defeated -- in favor of more expensive parking meters. I see this as a cave-in to the rich commuters coming from Marin and tax of people who park on the street, not the Marin drivers, who park in "designated spaces". Politics -- nothing new here, move along...)

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