16 Aug 2008

Bureaucratically-Induced Poverty

Read this piece on the colonia's struggle to get water and power.
Texas has proved fertile ground for colonias because of its historically lax regulations on development, a scarcity of affordable housing, and appalling poverty. In pursuit of a fast dollar, developers built without regard to industry norms. Legislative fixes to stem colonia development have paradoxically made the situation worse by making it impossible for substandard communities to join the power grid before other improvements are put in place. The rules have forced residents and those who want to aid them to be creative about providing pressing needs.
The more I hear about Texas, the more I see it as half-developed and half-dysfunctional.

Bottom Line: Bureaucrats can mess things up, coming and going.


  1. Dave, the article makes clear that the colonias are prohibited by state LAW from connecting to the power grid. This is a problem created by legislators (who as we know care more about the big guy than the small guy)., not bureaucrats.

  2. Legislators or bureaucrats still means government (same thing...), but you're right.


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