30 Jul 2008

Swimming Pools in the Desert

Many people have expressed amazement that people in Southern California can use as much water as they do. The urban average is 140 gallons/capita/day (GCD) for ALL uses; for residential use ONLY, it's about 110 GCD. Of course, about half the water is used outdoors (e.g., irrigation, pools, etc.).

One writer said that he, his wife and small son use about 25 GCD indoors/outdoors.

MB wrote that
Belgium is a developed country where people live well. We are using about 120 litres of water per person per day.

How come in the US people are always using double anything from water to meat to space to oil than everybody else in the *developed* world??? it is not explained by the Human Development Index, nor practically any other indicator...


By the way, when you suggest that every PERSON should get 75 US gallons per day for free this is not so radical, when you consider that it is almost all the water people use there in CA, USA, and more than double what we use here on average!!! Maybe this comparison should put things in perspective ;-)
Bottom Line: Maybe "There Is No Water Shortage" should have been titled "El Lay: Where Fantasy IS Reality"

...or maybe not -- can you improve on my poor verse?


  1. Did someone tell you that you need more reader involvement? (Two sequential "Can you..." posts)

  2. It was a coincidence, but I *do* welcome more involvement :)

  3. Same here in the Netherlands (but then, we're close to Belgium): 130 liters/person/day and it has been steady like that for years (IIRC it actually dropped a few liters). OK, we don't have to water our lawns, but at least many people here are aware of their water bills.

  4. “South East Queenslanders have averaged consumption of 129 litres per person a day for the last year compared with 300 litres per day before the drought,” Mr Bradley said.

    And this 110 gallons thingy is equal to 500 litres? Wow.

  5. This is one reason people in the Texas Panhandle are so opposed to T. Boone Pickens's plan to export water from the Ogallala Aquifer to the DFW region. When you fly over Dallas, you see nearly every home has a pool and the yards are unnaturally green.


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