4 Jul 2008

Our Great Country

...is blessed with some pretty stupid regulations
when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a statewide drought June 4, Hartridge decided it was only right to let her front lawn die to save water.


a neighbor complained to the city about her brown lawn, and the Code Enforcement Department slapped the family with a citation.

Their small brick home was declared a "public nuisance" in violation of city code section 17.68.010, which states that front yards "shall be irrigated, landscaped and maintained."

A $746 fine will be next unless they correct the violation.


Dennis Kubo, city code enforcement manager, said his department does not communicate with the Utilities Department about drought concerns or water efficiency. His department only enforces health and safety and "general welfare" codes.
Bottom Line: I think we need a new revolution: Bureaucrats that think.

UPDATE: The bureaucrats have backed down in the face of a storm of public criticism. That's something to celebrate!

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