18 Jul 2008

Me on Fox Business News

Don't believe it? Watch this!

Ok, they misspelled the name of this blog in the byline (aQuanomics), but everything else went ok.* I got to make my point, and I am not running for political office :)

BTW -- I'd say that the Forbes piece tripled normal visits to this blog; the Fox piece quadrupled that number. (I'm starting to understand the power of TV.) That increase was driven by a link from Matt Yglesias.

Addendum: Freakonomics also mentioned the Forbes piece and my name. Can't separate out the influences because Freakonomics didn't link directly to this blog :(

* I look a little stressed at the start because** I was talking to a camera, not a person. I could hear the host but couldn't see him.

** Or maybe it was because I had just seen Bill O'Reilly in makeup. (He did not tell me to "do it live!")