8 Jul 2008

GE Likes Subsidies

H-Water has a post on a GE "white paper" [registration required] on policy options for water reuse and recycling.

Here's my reaction:
I read the executive summary. This marketing document is devoted to encouraging "solutions" that use equipment that GE manufactures. It is NOT a comprehensive document on water policy options.

It does say water reuse and recycling, but prices --- my favorite tool -- are only mentioned only in the sense of subsidizing reuse/recycling machinery.

Of particular interest is the historical intersection of emerging water technologies and corporate sustainable practices (or lack thereof).

The only thing sustainable is profitability (a standard I embrace); there's nothing here except an attempt to boost demand for GE services and products.

Because this document does not present a full-range of options, it is hard to know what decision is optimal. This piece is a waste of time for anyone other than a GE salesman.
Bottom Line: GE likes selling its stuff, and this "technical paper" is about selling stuff.