1 Jul 2008

Firedogs 2

I read the little book (prior post), and it brings a nice lyricism to the discussion of life and the environment, e.g.,*
The sea rides the tides pulled by the moon. If I open to the rise and fall of my sea of feelings, then the full waters of life flow through me. I can move with the joy as it leaps up through the waves. Happiness can flow through my veins and wash away the heaviness in my heart. When I ride the ebb and flow of the wide deep sea then I am able to think and feel. With this comes the ability to respond. Response-ability.
Bottom Line: I met a girl who worked for an organization opposing subsides for deep-sea fishermen (and all the destruction that such subsidies encourage). I said "good job -- I am an economist trying to bring policy in line with our human and environmental needs." She said, "you're doing the right thing!" but I couldn't feel more than sad and overwhelmed. It's hard to be response-able when you are feeling overwhelmed.

* My only reservation is the author's over-enthusiasm for government action, e.g., "governments need to act fast!".

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