5 Jul 2008

Carbon Tax Summary

I ran across this summary today. TokyoTom has done a good job combing the web for logical arguments.

Speaking of global warming (and what to do about it), I have only got round to listening to a debate at Reason on that topic. Read this article for summary comments and watch the videos for the entire debate. From my POV, Fred Smith (of CEI) comes out looking an ideological idiot (that's what I wrote on the margin) due to an excessive use of non-sequiturs.

In contrast to this "performance," Ron Bailey's reluctant defense of carbon taxes is more agreeable, e.g.,
The problem with air pollution—and global warming is a form of air pollution—is that I don’t see a good, easy way to privatize it. The transaction costs are too large. And if you can’t privatize it, you have to regulate it. So now the question is: What’s the least bad way to regulate? And that is why I’ve come out in favor of a carbon tax.
Bottom Line: Use the right technology for the right problem -- without regard for ideology.