21 Jun 2008

Water Balloons!

Can we solve water shortages and avoid expensive infrastructure by using ships to haul "trains" of water bags from the Pacific Northwest to parched SoCal? Check out Spragg Bags.

Pro: Short-term solution (e.g., Delta levees break and SoCal water disrupted) that is probably better than tanker shipments and desalination.

Con: Encourages living in dry areas instead of wet areas. Not economic if price increases reduce demand below cost of bagg shipping.

Bottom Line: Technology may not solve an economic problem.


  1. check this out:


  2. I'm not so sure that, per se, it is preferable for people to live in well watered areas. All the decent seaports and airport locations in California are in comparatively arid areas. Even San Francisco long ago outgrew the Crystal Springs system. The tens of millions now beavering away in Southern California would not make a fine addition to the Redding/Shasta area. If we could roll time backwards and leave the LA basin a sleepy, dry backwater, we would have a very different state; fewer people, far less GDP, and perhaps a more livable place. Like Idaho, which is fine if you like Idaho. Try living there a while and you'll see what I mean.

  3. Hi David,
    It sounds more and more like water wars to me.


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