17 Jun 2008

Useless Gestures

I just got this nice email:
As a result of the drought declaration by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, many Californians will soon likely face mandatory conservation orders. In fact, many water districts and cities have already asked for voluntary measures.

I have compiled some water conservation suggestions that I hope you will find useful. Some are remarkably simple, and many will help you save money while saving water. The most important fact is that the sooner you begin saving water, the better. Acting now will provide more savings in the long run.

I hope you will visit the water conservation page on my Senate website by using this link to learn more about water conservation and how to get started.

Because of global climate change, our weather is changing each year. While we can hope for wetter years in the future, it is important that we begin to plan for dryer years. I hope that you will start saving water today.


Barbara Boxer
United States Senator
It's a pity that she didn't say something like:
Hi Citizen,

We seem to be mismanaging water at the federal, state and local level. Since this is making your life less-enjoyable, we have decided to reform water laws, regulations and institutions to reflect the fact that water is a precious resource.

You should expect that water's going to get more expensive for those who waste it and that water will no longer be wasted in ways that reflect outdated policies. Don't worry, however -- we are going to make sure that every citizen gets his or her share of water and that industrial and agricultural interests are able to buy the reliability that they need to prosper and thrive in our Golden State.

We are not going to suggest water saving methods to you because we know that you understand how a faucet works. Instead, we will spend your tax dollars on reforming government to serve citizens instead of private interests.

We've got your back!

Barbara and the Crewe.


  1. So when do you start working for the esteemed Senator?

  2. I'm waiting for her call. (No, not the fundraising-robot version :)

  3. This was a really good post. I am so glad I didn't take a job in California.


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