27 Jun 2008

There Is No Water Shortage

That's the title of a piece I am working on for a big name magazine. (I am waiting to hear that it's going to press before I get all excited about announcing it.)

It's also the observation that Professor McKenzie makes about the "shortage" of water in Southern California. Listen to him discuss prices here.

My favorite line: "People say that the water shortage results from low rainfall in Southern California. That's funny -- it doesn't rain Mercedes, but we don't seem to have a shortage of Mercedes."

1 comment:

  1. I just heard a report on NPR from Central Valley where farmers are walking away from their tomatoes (will it still be Sacratomato?) and some are thinking about wheat, as wheat uses less water.

    Interesting - so someone isn't raising prices to give farmers a ROI. Something is broken here.



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