19 Jun 2008

Arizona Boondoggle

Coyote Blog has an awesome post on a proposed water park between Tucson and Phoenix. How to run a water park in the desert? Ask the government for free water -- "to create jobs". What's next -- the Arizona swamp experience?

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  1. Dear Dr. Zetland. I am so pleased to have discovered your blog. Since I my discovery of you, I have encouraged my husband to do drip watering in our garden. He seems to agree with the ethical angle, but will have to miss a sailing race with his buddies this weekend to proceed with the drip project. We shall see what happens. I must tell you that I know of the area in Arizona where the proposed aqua theme park is to be sited. If it is built, travelers can stop there after a visit to Dinoland, about a 100 miles to the east, down that long straight road. Now, I must confess that I last visited Dinoland when I was in high school (on a road trip with my parents to the petrified forest; their ambitions to make me a into geologist failed. However, I do know a whale of a lot about the earth).


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