16 May 2008

Soviet LA

The LA Times reports that the City of LA is going to implement, regulate and mandate various water conservation techniques and technologies so that people are forced into saving water -- when and where the city decides. What about raising prices?
On the heels of a recent DWP water rate hike, Nahai said no additional increases are anticipated. Most parts of the program can be funded from state water grants, the DWP's existing budget and going after polluters who have fouled city groundwater. But future fee increases may be needed, he acknowledged.
The mayor and LADWP have got it exactly backwards. They are not requiring that citizens buy high-mileage cars to reduce global warming, high-fiber cereal to increase lifespans, etc., so why mandate all these "solutions?" Because they want to do something, and water is too cheap to signal that people should conserve it.

Bottom Line: Increase the price of water by 200-500% on people who use a lot of water, and you will see all of these technologies "miraculously" adopted -- in far more efficient ways than the Command and Control-niks are implementing now.

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