28 May 2008

Photogenic Losers and Fat Cats

Down at IID, reporters have found someone who is suffering as water exports take land out of production:
“It’s a pretty serious deal,” Slaton said of the impacts of fallowing. “When you’re getting your regular paycheck chopped off … it’s hard.”


“It does not need to be that complicated. Just show your impacts, give them the money and move on. It needs to go to the people who deserve it,” Rothfleisch said. [Imperial County Farm Bureau]


For Slaton, the day he can apply for the money he lost over the last two years will be a good one.

Whether he will get it, is another thing altogether, he said.

“I understand the IID has a lot of things going on. But I think they need to …,” Slaton said, snapping his fingers several times and chuckled. “There’s no good reason for dragging this on. That would be unreasonable.”
The story has moved from the adverse impacts (less work) to the failure of IID to deliver the compensation that it holds for people who are suffering those impacts. Unfortunately, IID has a long history of serving itself instead of the farmers, citizens, and the environment.*

Bottom Line: Give Slaton his money and improve the management of 70 percent of California's Colorado water rights.

* IID administration has delayed disbursing compensation money in the past.