15 May 2008

Good Money after Bad

The Congress, in its infinite stupidity, has allocated $170 million to salmon fishing communities "ruined" by the closure of salmon fisheries on the West Coast. As I said here, they contributed to their own downfall (silly dams, etc. did as well), and this payment makes no sense. If the $170 million is not used to permanently retire those fishermen, the Congress will find itself to have created a new entitlement.

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Philip said...

We long ago gave up commercial game hunting (ducks, deer, etc). Why should salmon be treated differently, at least in waters where their populations are under pressure? I suspect that sport fishing provides much more of an economic boost to local communities than commercial salmon fishing does, and I know it is far less damaging to the fish populations.
Buying our the commercial fishermen is a reasonable thing to do. Putting them on the dole, as the government has with "family farmers" is cruel and wasteful.

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