25 May 2008

Die! Salton Sea Die!

The California Senate has failed to approve funding for the Salton Sea Restoration Council, which is trying to get $9 BILLION to restore that sea lake toilet. I hate the Salton "Sea" and all the mismanagement, pork and nationalism that it represents. The people who made it the disaster area it is -- IID et al. (see other post today) should pay to "restore" the salton depression into the dry lake bed it was 100 years ago -- before a man-made error flooded it.

I have an idea. IID and other ag districts control 3.85 million AF of annual water allocation from the Colorado River. If they sold the rights to that water at, say, $5,000/AF they wold only need to sell 1.8 million AF to get the $9 billion of money they claim* to need. They have benefited from the water (and the sea/toilet) for the past 100 years -- they should pay the cost of cleaning it up.

Bottom Line: The Pols in Sacramento did the right thing -- no pork spending to clean up a local mess.

*If they were paying with their own money, I bet the cost would fall to about $2 billion. Right now, they want to use OPM, so they are gold-plating the project.

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