25 May 2008

Acid Ocean

Remember acid rain? Now we're getting acid ocean off the west coast of the US. The cause? More CO2 in the atmosphere means more CO2 in dissolved in the water -- something scientists did not expect to see before 2050. The implications of changing ocean chemistry are not good:
"While this absorption provides a great service to humans by significantly reducing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and decreasing the effects of global warming, the change in the ocean chemistry affects marine life, particularly organisms with calcium carbonate shells, such as corals, mussels, mollusks, and small creatures in the early stages of the food chain," said Feely.
In other words, there's no free lunch. Like mussels or oysters? Get 'em while they still have shells. Find out more here.

Bottom Line: This climate change thing is getting worser and worser. Prepare to live in a different world.

1 comment:

  1. Oysters and mussels without shells!? Sign me up!

    Now what chemicals do we need to throw into the ocean for headless, deveined shrimp?


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