17 Apr 2008

New Story Ideas?

Dear Readers:

I am getting tired of dams, bottled water, fish and water prices. (Not forever -- just for now...)

Any new topics that you are curious about and/or have strong opinions on?

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  1. Greywater (methods, options, funding, laws)

    Impacts of funding for small stormwater catchment versus upgrading city-wide systems ie would rain gardens make a realistic impact if funded and supported?

    city-wide drug test by testing the effluent (research up in seattle or portland I think)

  2. Do you know of any interesting research about returns to investing in "water" (in a broad sense: for drinking, producing energy, for watering lands, for home use, for... whatever) around the world? I'd personally find that very interesting.

  3. I donate about 10% of my income to WaterAid because it's one of the few ways to give for water and sanitation (governments control water supply in most places). So maybe you know something about their effectiveness, how they compare to other charities, whether they have strayed from their British water-engineer roots to be more of a typical NGO.

    They also have some games on their site that might or might not pass muster with you. I've never played them.

  4. I'd be interested in your thoughts on how you deal with the broader cultural/society impediments to dealing with changing water use patterns.

    For example, in Queensland Australia, there is a cotton farm with a water allocation that is literally bigger than Sydney Harbour that the government has long wanted to buy out. Here the issue is not property rights (as the govt is happy to stump up the cash to buy the property out) but the impact of such a decision on the surrounding community. A town of 10,000 people relies on the presence of the dam as the farm is the major employer in the region.

    See for eg: http://www.melaleucamedia.com.au/01_cms/details.asp?ID=35

    What are your thoughts for dealing with these socio-political factors ?


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