13 Mar 2008

No more bottled water in U.K. gov't

LONDON: The British government will be taking it from the tap starting this summer. Prime Minister Gordon Brown's government will phase out bottled water in all of its departments. Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O'Donnell says the switch is one step in a bigger program to make all government departments more green and sustainable.

The policy starts this summer. The Cabinet office said Friday that three departments have already been serving tap water at their meetings. Tap water uses 300 times less energy than the production of bottled water and cuts out bottle waste.

Bottom Line: Bottled water is incredibly wasteful when there is good tap water around -- and British tap water will get better as soon as politicians start drinking it! People drink from bottles when they fear their tap water -- or when it's free. Start by charging for it. When people do not die from tap water, they'll stop buying bottled water too.

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