07 March 2008

Low Flush Saves Water

Low-flush toilets, via the Straight Dope, i.e.,
as more than a quarter of all the water used indoors in
the U.S. goes down the toilet -- about six billion gallons daily --
conservationwise, flushing is serious business.


  1. Sewage systems are powered by water. If there is not enough water flowing into the system to keep things moving they get - quite literally - constipated. "Saving" water has cost a lot of money for what is a dubious saving in most parts of the country.

  2. Fred,

    Good point, but there can be (and probably is) excess water in the system. I remember an interesting comment from water managers: They said that their reduction in water use from conservation was saving the sewage disposal people money (less volume), so perhaps the system has enough slack.


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