20 Feb 2008

Global Warming NOT!

Speaking of six degrees of global catastrophe, Alexander Cockburn talks about his reception as a blasphemer for his desire to debate the "fact" of global warming:
Here in the West, the so-called ‘war on global warming’ is reminiscent of medieval madness. You can now buy Indulgences to offset your carbon guilt. If you fly, you give an extra 10 quid to British Airways; BA hands it on to some non-profit carbon-offsetting company which sticks the money in its pocket and goes off for lunch. This kind of behaviour is demented.
Bottom Line: He's right -- we need more debate. All I ask for is the end to ideas (e.g., coal subsidies) that are stupid -- global warming or not.

1 comment:

  1. I share your concerns but I think that this "religious movement" has really taken root :(



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