7 Dec 2007

Women Responsible for Drooping?

According to this blog (must be true!), estrogen in the water supply is responsible for growing impotence (or is it infertility?) in men. I can see a day where men will take Viagra as a daily supplement to "maintain the body's natural balance."

This is actually a real problem. I heard someone say a few years ago that men who drink water from the Sacramento Delta have low sperm counts. (According to this, it's because of pesticides; much better.) If there is anything that will get (male) politicians to pay attention to water quality, this is likely to be the issue.

Bottom Line: We drink water all the time. We test for some contaminants, and others make themselves known, eg, giardia. The problem is all that other stuff that gets into our water and is either undetected or impossible to remove (economically). Does this make the case for bottled water? Hmmm....