13 Dec 2007

Gray (market) water

Homeowners in the Southeast are reacting to drought by reusing their gray water (from the kitchen sink) to water their yards. That sounds reasonable, but this caught my eye:
It's not clean enough to drink, but it contains less nitrogen and fewer pathogens than "black water" or toilet waste.

Still, it is capable of carrying enough bacteria to trigger typhoid fever, dysentery, hepatitis and other gastrointestinal or viral problems. Laura Leonard, a spokeswoman for the North Carolina Division of Environmental Health, said gray water can have about the same amount of fecal coliform bacteria as whole wastewater.
I call BS! How do you get fecal coliform from kitchen sink water? Is the Department protecting its jurisdiction?

Bottom Line: We need flexible thinking when water is in short supply. The government needs the most flexibility.

1 comment:

  1. spoken by someone with no children.....

    wash baby in sink...

    beautiful, adorable, precious, wondrous baby is often covered by bacteria and general child ick...:)


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