8 Nov 2007

Cheat (or Carbon) Neutral?

In another, excellent example of creative markets, Cheat Neutral offers to offset your cheating (on your partner). If you cheat, pay $5 to a faithful couple, and the net amount of cheating in the world is held equal. Great idea.

What is Cheat Offsetting? When you cheat on your partner you add to the heartbreak, pain and jealousy in the atmosphere. Cheatneutral offsets your cheating by funding someone else to be faithful and NOT cheat. This neutralises the pain and unhappy emotion and leaves you with a clear conscience.

Can I offset all my cheating? First you should look at ways of reducing your cheating. Once you've done this you can use Cheatneutral to offset the remaining, unavoidable cheating.

Bottom Line: There are stupid ideas everywhere. Carbon Cheat-neutrality is one of them. Go and cheat without guilt! You can buy your way out of it!